Captain Marvel ★★★★

Damn...don't you hate it when you know your gonna be in the minority....and don't care about that cause you had so much fun with the film? Now regarding all of the controversy this whole thing started and how it basically split the Marvel Fanbase in half similar to Batman V Superman:Dawn Of Justice to DC and also kinda like when Star Wars:The Last Jedi obliterated the whole Star Wars fanbase even though that was a damn good Star Wars film,I still had a lot of fun with Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel is a film that was directed by Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden with the powerhouse of a cast that stars Brie Larson,Samuel L. Jackson,Ben Mendelsohn,Jude Law,Lashana Lynch and Annette Bening in this MCU film that kinda goes in a different route then the usual MCU film and I was actually cool with was like a huge breathe of fresh air. Now by no means that this is perfect...some of the CGI didn't always work and some of the callbacks didn't always work for me either and well there's a lot to pick apart with this but I'm just gonna ignore the negativity since this film already sparked so much of it before it's release date. Now one thing I was really worried about was Brie Larson's performance as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel and for the most part I thought she was great and she was much better then what the trailers showed....I am really looking forward to seeing her in the future of this MCU. The tone of this film was really different and it kinda felt like Independence Day and by no means is that a bad thing in anyway. Samuel L. Jackson being back as Nick Fury was very wonderful to see and in this movie you do explore a different side of him that has never really been explored (also the De-Aging CGI was PERFECT). The Skrulls were something I was really looking forward to and I'm proud to say that I loved what they did with them...not what I expected but I still loved their part in the film. Ben Mendelsohn does an excellent job as Talos and he was very enjoyable to watch. Also Goose the GODAMN CAT/FLERKKEN.....was just the right thing this film needed. This doesn't have the most memorable action scenes at all but this film does have a tremendous amount of heart to it. That Stan Lee tribute at the beginning did break me a little but this film lightened me up with pure joy throughout. I already know most of you are gonna hate this with some valid reasons but I did have so much fun with it and it's a very welcoming addition to the MCU. So yeah....was worried I wouldn't say this but I can.....I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

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