King Kong

King Kong ★★★½

Maybe if Kong wasn't such a simp for Ann, he'd still be alive and doing well on Skull Mountain/Island. The dude was living his best life. Also this is my first time watching this film...which is certainly surprising since I watched Peter Jackson's film numerous of times, you'd think I would've checked this out by now but nope...better late then never though. This film is directed by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack and stars the cast of Fay Wray,Bruce Cabot,Robert Armstrong and Noble Johnson in this film that's pretty solid (when you ignore the noticeable sexism throughout the first act, then again it's a product of it's time), and back then I can't imagine how much of a Masterpiece this was considered...I mean this film as a whole is still considered a game changer. The stop motion is just breathtaking for it's time, so many cool sequences and I just couldn't get over the fact that this was made nearly 100 years ago. While the scene with Kong on top of the Empire State building is iconic...I absolutely enjoyed the Kong vs. T-Rex scene so much, absolutely action packed and so well put together. I think the film as a whole starts off a bit slow in the first act, but once we arrive in Skull Island...everything changes and the film does get better the more it keeps going. Like I said the action scenes are done phenomenally, definitely a technical marvel when it comes to filmmaking for it's time, and I still found myself enjoying everything that I was looking at. The characters weren't all that great in my opinion (most of them were just unlikable at times) and they were obviously the biggest baggage to this film, atleast in Godzilla they had developed the hell out of Serizawa. This film doesn't exactly have a deep meaning to it (nor did it even need one) but it is a spectacle that managed to be a icon in cinema. So yeah..."meh" acting,sexism and racism aside...this film is great, characters aren't great as I've stated but the real spectacle lies within the stop motion effects, they are the big reason you should watch this (and it's always nice to look at historic films and see what they had to offer, old Hollywood is quite intriguing once you dive deep into it). So yeah, I definitely recommend this.

Still can't believe Monke died due to being too much of a simp. Ultra Chad Godzilla would never.


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