Hereditary ★★★★½

the midsommar hype train officially has it's folky, bright claws in me.

this is my third go-around with hereditary and i'd revisit it more if it didn't scare the shit out of me. the first time it actually had me wide awake, hours after 'lights out', eyeing the corners of my ceiling. the movie theater experience was near the best i've ever had just sitting in 2 hours of grief, anxiety and terror with 50 other people (with around 10 minutes left, someone ran, not walked, out of the door).

why is this completely dreadful family drama so enjoyable to watch then? for me it just stomps on that fear button of mine and never lets up. and not to beat a dead horse (which is one of the few things this movie didn't literally do) but the foot resting on that button belongs to the very REAL performances from toni collette and alex wolff. the grief and fear they're able to emote for their fucking job hurts my heart.

i love this movie. the nearly airtight, batshit story. the direction that makes you feel like you're being dragged across the pavement. the pulsing and plodding score that rests right under the surface and trudges you along through all the horribleness.

ugh. what can you do? hail paimon


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