Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★

"A trilogy of 2 hours of pure dialogue".

To what I saw in this last part with ethan hawke and julie delpy, this all goes back to just one question, is there still some love in this relationship? You will find the answer yourself in this final part.

 I am still as surprised as never these two actors or were nominated in their time, since what I love and dazzles about the work of Richard Linklater, who in a clever way manages to make the movies fall in love with him as always.

 Personally, I think this is the weakest of the 3, and not because of the script that I sincerely mention it again, it is wonderful to be nominated for several academy awards, simply the fact of how the consequences of living in Europe They have harmed Jesse, it makes him something horrible and unsatisfactory, she is the one I like the least of the 3.

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February 2021

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