Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★½

BEN ALFECK ¿Good or Bad Actor?

David fincher has few movies but he makes up for it with his quality, his way of narrating the movies is totally unique to me, Ben Affleck here I notice him more competent as an actor than what I've seen of Batman, But Rosamund Pike it’s a beautiful and hateful, because In order for me to detect a character too much in a movie, he must be a good actor to play someone, whether it be a Villain or a character as such. She stole the movie by returning with Ben Affleck.

 It is like An actor who wishes you the best but does not take pains is one of those actors you detest because he doesn't take things seriously.

Going back to David fincher I think that those few directors that at the moment they confirm a film half the world is waiting because he promises a lot all his films are a wonder I have not seen any that detests the film I do not detest it simply as a point that It was tedious but already paying attention, I really enjoyed the movie and I am looking forward to a next David fincher movie.

RATING: 9.7/10
Covid Quarantine Films: 97/100

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