Lamb ★★★½

✅: 77%

These kinds of movies are the ones that leave you wondering that the year is not so great after all. We go back to the usual where just by being the A24 studio you expect a quality film from the A24 studio. Look, don't be mad at me is my opinion, anyway I doubt that this opinion affects you. A24 is not the best studio of all, it fulfilled good films like Hereditary, Midsommar, the lighthouse among others. But at the end of the day the end you always understand when watching a youtube video.

I'm honestly not going to lie, I cheated and watched a video to understand that disturbing and intriguing ending. I am not going to tell the story because they have to see it, they are not bad as my rating dictates. I gave it that rating because I know deep down that it's not by far the worst A24 movie. There was only one small detail that I did not like and that is the way to present the forbidden character "Ada". Who should I say I was fond of it even though it shouldn't be like that.

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