Tenet ★★★

Not inherently a bad movie but sort of hard to enjoy on your first watch while you try to put the pieces of the puzzle together in your head while trying to hear what's being said because apparently Nolan enjoys drowning out dialogue with all other sounds. Nolan must have had a hell of a time writing the script and even though it's an intriguing concept it certainly wasn't executed in a fashion that was easily conveyed to the audience. I'm all for a movie that is puzzling and challenging but just the way it's executed makes it extremely confusing. I'm guessing a second watch would maybe help appreciate it more now that I understand everything but I don't feel it was good enough to warrant that second watch anytime soon and given that I will most likely forget what I figured out and be back to square one it will be like watching for the first time again. It's hard to say because to me Nolan is one of the greats but I feel on this one he has his head way too far up his own ass and the movie has suffered for it.

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