Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★★

Before Sunrise ends with a montage of the locations Jesse and Celiné had visited, echoing the memories of their brief time together.

Before Sunset begins with a similar montage of places they will visit. The film feeling the same anticipation as they do at the possibility of reconnecting.

And in Before Midnight, we get a similar montage. This time, of different corners of the hotel room after Celiné storms out as Jesse scans the aftermath of their argument. The poured but undrunk wine, the brewed but unsipped tea, the rumpled but unused bedding. The night's potential blown to pieces by bottled up resentment coming to head.


p.s. I mentioned Ethan Hawke looked worse for wear in my review of the second part of this trilogy and I am here to say he has reached peak hotness in the third.

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