Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★

The opening five minutes of Friday the 13th Part III rehash the ending of the previous film before getting to some dated opening titles made complete with an uptempo pop-influenced score. Then the film proceeds to be awful for fifty minutes. A subplot regarding a biker gang is abysmally lame and the characters are all annoying teenagers, with a prank-pulling loner being the most annoying of all. The use of 3D is so forced and silly, used on a yo-yo and people juggling amongst other boring things. Then Part III gets really good. Once Jason turns up in his hockey mask this film really picks up. There's good, imaginative kills and I really appreciate the nastier moments. For about fifteen to twenty minutes, Friday the 13th Part III is a great slasher. Unfortunately, after a shockingly bad eyeball-popping death, we get a repetitive and silly final girl chase, one in which Jason gets knocked out or injured over and over again. Then the film just rips off the first movie right at the end. Friday the 13th Part III is mostly terrible, but it has a really good streak within it. There's things to like, but more to dislike.

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