High Flying Bird ★★

Well High Flying Bird is likely to be the winner for most boring film of 2019. I don't think a single interesting thing happens for the entire runtime. It's a wasteland of wooden acting and dry conversations, mishandling its naturalistic style by awkwardly pairing it with a script that isn't grounded when you consider the events that unfold. The whole thing is intellectually inert, with dialogue and more dialogue that says absolutely nothing. The tiniest twitch of subtext about the exploitation of black bodies is present but it's like a breeze in a desert, barely there and affecting nothing. Even assuming High Flying Bird is a realistic depiction of the business behind basketball, there's so little in terms of themes or messages to justify spending time with these cardboard characters. I liked Unsane a lot and I like the phone aesthetic, but after that gimmick wears off (which takes about two minutes), what even is there of note about High Flying Bird? It's a bread sandwich of a movie, completely one note and lacking any flavour. Watching this felt like a chore, as if my life force was steadily dripping out of me at each passing conversation about contracts and fees. I fear my brain started smoothing out its wrinkles just to decrease the surface area dedicated to working out why I should care about any of this. Maybe I've taken crazy pills but I don't get why everyone is rating this so highly.

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