Lean on Pete

Lean on Pete ★★★½

A single long note of desperation, lonely lives that exist in a constant tone, destined to never change. There is a film of subcultures, of the working poor, of masculine arrogance. It's about people who have nowhere else to go, and how some choose to run and some choose to stay put, neither option a real solution. A breakdown comes at the end, the weight of pain finally lifted.

Lean on Pete is a film to be admired, and yet I don't particularly. It does so many things I like (social realism, worthwhile and harsh themes, a coherent simplicity), and yet I didn't love it. That's nothing against Lean on Pete, but something just didn't click with me. It has worthy filmmaking, with some real poetic realism, but it left me cold and indifferent. I still really like Andrew Haigh as a director, but this one felt forgettable.

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