Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★½

You feel every second of Portrait of a Lady on Fire. It is a film of classical storytelling perfected with a delicate, poetic, and elegant touch. It is full of silent gazes, flashes of skin, and Persona-esque moments of one body jutting into another. The red and green colour scheme for the lead women is contrasted with backdrops of blue, white, and black. It is absolutely beautifully shot. Portrait of a Lady on Fire is also a proper feminist film, being uncompromising in its adoration of women, true in its historical realities, uplifting in its emotions, and sexy without ever being tacky. The characters accept fate without ever pushing against it. They stand up for each other as women but look for love, not revolution. All of which leads to a final goodbye made immortal. Then, to top it all, comes one of the finest final shots in all cinema. Love has rarely been more mesmerising.

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