Tigers Are Not Afraid ★★★½

Hooptober #15

Tigers Are Not Afraid is a fairy tale in a land of real-world violence. The world of crime and poverty is important for us to see and acknowledge, though Tigers Are Not Afraid doesn't really push the audience towards any conclusions. There is however a fundamental sadness to events. Children die in ways which are ugly and real. The film is filled with the ghosts of those needlessly killed. Structurally it is a little ambiguous with lingering questions as to what is real for the characters. The plot however is clunky and prevents things smoothly coming together. Every theme is left dangling, which is a shame. Yet Tigers Are Not Afraid is an impressive feat of del Toro style storytelling. Plus it ends on an absolutely killer final shot.

Side-note: If you're going to watch a kid-centred horror film that premiered in 2017, go for this, not It.

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