Your Name. ★★★½

"Why do guys associate cutting hair with breakups?"

Your Name. has a very interesting story and truly incredible animation, but I didn't enjoy the film was much as every else did.

Not saying I didn't enjoy it, I appreciate the animation and the pretty cool story, but some aspects and creative choices seemed very off. For one, the film had a very weird opening theme, like I was watching a television show. I'm not used to watching that many anime, but do most open with a theme song like Your Name. did?

Apart from some other aspects I didn't enjoy too much, such as the length of the film and how scenes should have been shorter, it was a pretty outstanding anime that boasted some impressive animation that in some points looked exactly like real life, i.e. the first shot of Taki's iPhone.

Great film, and I would rank it as probably the best "swapped bodies" film of all time, which isn't saying much seeing as how bad the genre is but at the same time, I'm going to say it says a lot about how great the script is with the film.

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