Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★★

As the film reached its shocking climax, I sat, mouth agape. As the credits rolled, I panned my head around the theater, hoping someone would respond to my telepathic question of "Did we actually just watch that?"

Comparatively, it's one of Fincher's less stylish films (not that that means anything), but it's quite possibly the best screenplay. Never once did I feel I needed to check my watch. Never did I feel that a scene or line was out of place or unnecessary. Gone Girl is this crazy blend of mystery, thriller, drama, comedy, and satire. The tonal shifts are never jarring and the abundance of themes and ideas are possibly overwhelming, but never felt over ambitious.

It's been said by everyone and their dog: Fincher pulls performances. I think everyone had their doubts about well, the whole cast. But no one faults, Tyler Perry included. Rosamund is deserving of every last bit of praise she will receive for this. Ben Affleck will likely get the complaints of not acting, being too straight faced, or the like. But that's exactly why his performance works. He plays it with such un-nuanced emotion that it's uneasy. His wife disappears and he doesn't cry, in fact, he smiles, but not necessarily out of happiness. Which brings me to the point of why I really dig this film.

Just to be clear, Gone Girl is not a surreal film where the end will fade to black saying "it was all a dream." But it sure feels like it. Despite being set in reality, things just feel off. Things happen, events unfold, people do things, and we get swept up in this odd state where we don't know if things are actually the way the are, or simply seem it because of the media. Character's motivations are unclear and it's hard to judge when their expressiveness is honest, be it seemingly apathetic or emotional, or whether they are just acting it.

I probably should have waited until morning when I'm not buzzing, or even after a rewatch, to lay out some comprehensive thoughts. Maybe I've over-rated the film as a whole due to having such a visceral reaction to the film, but the film finished and I almost said aloud, "I don't know what to do with that", in the best way possible. Gone Girl is kind of like one of those films that make you think the plot is going one way but changes several times throughout the film. It's like that except instead of just the plot twisting, sort of the whole concept of the film shifts. There's just a lot to take in.

I don't know. I need to go to bed.

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