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  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
  • On the Silver Globe
  • Fanny and Alexander
  • Body Double

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  • Between Two Worlds

  • Dune: Part Two


  • The Navigator


  • Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces

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  • The Zone of Interest

    The Zone of Interest


    As a Jewish from Israel, I simply could never truly grasp the horrors of the holocaust and its pure evil. I've had a couple of family members who survived and went on to peacefully live in Israel, which some of them I got to luckily meet for a couple of years of my early life before they were gone. I will NEVER EVER be able to feel what they felt and have gone through when they were kids during the…

  • Traveling- A Short Film

    Traveling- A Short Film

    I made my first short Film!
    It's short experimental footage that I shot over the course of 10 months and edited some of it together. Don't expect it to be anything massive, as I made it for testing the camera's qualities, and for fun as well!! I could have made it much longer but I wanted to create a short that is only a couple of minutes long, with every shot being just a few seconds at maximum.

    You can watch it here if you want!

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  • Dune: Part Two

    Dune: Part Two


    Paul riding that sandworm is clearly an allegory for the people who liked Part 1 riding Denis Villeneueve's dick.

  • Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces

    Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces

    "The angels will return. And when you see the one that's meant to help you, you will weep with joy."

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