The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★

Watching "The Nice Guys" reminded me that I haven't seen, nor been entertained this much by a buddy cop movie in what feels like a long time. There isn't much about this that didn't work for me.

There is an easy chemistry to the leads in this and it shows, add in an even easier chemistry and great performance by the girl who played Goslings daughter and you have a cast that shines on the screen together. The comedy, while over the top and stylized worked in every moment for me except one.... just one (The out of breath cartoon way of getting Crowes attention of the dead body at the party if you must know). That is amazing for a comedy, not to fall flat for a lot of its time. The characters themselves are great as well, we learn about them as the movie goes on, and not through exposition, we feel for them, even though for the most part they are kind of terrible people, or at least good people that have done terrible things. The story itself is good, with enough twists and turns deserved in a over the top 70's era film, and I really loved the ending.

Other than the one comedy moment I disliked there wasn't much else to harp on. The villains were a bit faceless, but that might have been on purpose, all the other side characters are kind of awful...not acting wise, but as characters. Again probably on purpose. As of right now I am drawing a blank on anything that isn't a nitpick.

Haven't seen a good buddy cop comedy in years? "The Nice Guys" have got you covered. Good performances, comedy, and action make this a great movie to fill that void.

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