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  • A Haunted School

    A Haunted School


    The first full-length horror effort by Norio Tsuruta encapsulates his unique groundwork of ambient horror explored originally in his Scary True Stories segments. A direct-to-video “V Cinema” anthology affair which came into prominence during a transitional point of Japanese cinema both economically and aesthetically.

    The resonance of late ‘80s “otaku” serial killer and child necrophiliac Tsutomu Miyazaki and his vast library of horror films (including that of the 4th installment of the Guinea Pig series, Devil Woman Doctor) was still…

  • Horse, Woman, Dog

    Horse, Woman, Dog


    In a film full of falsified pasts, amnesia, and passive subservience, the only proclamation of truth resides within the appearance of a massive birth mark on the character of the amnesiac's left foot - made visible after she’s tied up, made to press bare genitalia against a horse’s, inevitably the semen from the beast released, wiped across her legs with a riding crop by a dominatrix.

    “It only appears when I’m aroused. It’s usually invisible,” she says in such atypical…