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This review may contain spoilers.

Filmbros: holy shit this is a cinematic masterpiece and one of the greatest piece of cinema ever. I never knew elephant shit could look so beautiful and cinematic. Also the Chad Chazelle made a movie that speaks to me because every 10 mins a character randomly talks about the beauty of cinema. Really sad that nobody wants to support great cinema about how important 1920’s cinema is. I mean look at the 40 min party scene it’s so cinematic and beautiful. The greatest film to ever be made.Β 

Me: the reason why the elephant shits in the start on a common person is because Chazelle thinks we are shit. In a way there’s multiple points in this film where a character gets into a monologue about films and all I can think about is how much Chazelle is whining about film which comes across as annoying. There’s a reason why there’s a major disconnect with everybody with this film is because it wants to degrade you the viewer for killing cinema and not being a supporter of silent films.Β 

Also I’m a way this is anti singing in the rain and steals the plot from that but makes it have orgy and drugs. But also steals from boogie nights script too and that kinda feels gross.

This movie is my favorite bad movie but Im highly aware on why it’s really bad. Babyflop.

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