“Belle was eternally bored while watching this and had to fight myself from sleeping eternally while watching this “Epic” from marvel studio that was supposedly the most massive film done by marvel studio”

Guys, I was so excited to watch especially with the promise of this marvel film having an openly gay character and the promise of using natural lighting with a grand sense of scale that was going’s to be the biggest production of the MCU. 

Well if you look at my star rating that’s how much I enjoyed this. This is honestly such a randomly disjointed film that’s put together that I truly don’t understand what was the ideas for this one. No two scenes feel very well put together and the messaging is just all over the place. Like I was excited about the Bollywood dance scene but actually seeing it randomly put together in this film I was literally cringing. Literally this felt like a studio looks at a randomly disjointed script and called it good there. This felt like the safest marvel film. 

The action in this film is bad and not very well directed. There also a very random scene in Hiroshima that takes place in this and makes zero sense there. Also let me talk about the gay part which I was looking forward to which is just a 2 second kiss (I was hearing about a sex scene but it’s a straight sex scene that’s very tame and random). Like the gay character doesn’t even show up till about 2 hours into the film which I just felt offended they hyped this up so much when it was nothing (they did the same thing with loki earlier this year with it supposedly being a bisexual series but it was just a line of dialogue).

I’ll say the special effects, costuming and the score were decent I guess. Kinda thinking I maybe drop off the MCU bandwagon to be honest cause I really just don’t care anymore. Also the post credit scenes are dumbbbbbbb. 

This was an eternal film in the theaters I guess.

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