The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★★

This is a masterpiece and one of the best films I ever seen. I seriously adore this film so much and this is peak Anderson which I really want him to do something like this again but I think the best thing about Anderson is he really doesn’t ever really do the same thing ever again which makes his career interesting. 

Like whenever I think of a flawless film I think it has to be this one. I don’t even know how to start on where to give the praises to. From the beautiful looking sets that are lovingly crafted from the heart and look like I want to live and breathe in there. To the lovely costumes that everybody is wearing with that perfect sense of style and color there. The musical score is also very lovely to hear and creates the perfect amount of tension when needed or gives the characters more flair whenever they show up. 

I haven’t even gotten to the story that is wonderfully crafted here!!! Like the dialogue and how the story unfolds is very fun but also done in a very convoluted way but it really does work here which is told through a book of a guy telling a story of which is told by another guy telling the story to him. Like the story here really shouldn’t work but it works so well here. Also the comedy is perfect here and I always manage to laugh at the same jokes upon every rewatch. 

I love this film so much.

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