The Worst Person in the World

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This review may contain spoilers.

"I grew up in an age without Internet and mobile phones. I sound like an old fart but I think about it a lot. The world that I knew has disappeared. For me it was all about going to stores. Record stores. I'd take the tram to Voices in Grünerløkka, leaf through used comics at Pretty Price. I can close my eyes and and see the aisles at Video Nova in Majorstua.

I grew up in a time when culture was passed along through objects. They were interesting because we could live among them. We could pick them up. Hold them in our hands. Compare them.

That's all I have. I spent my life doing that. Collecting all that stuff, comics, books, and I just continued, even when it stopped giving me the powerful emotions I felt in my early 20s. I continued anyway. And now it's all I have left. Knowledge and memories of stupid, futile things nobody cares about."


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