The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★

My third rewatch. I went from loving it to not liking it as much after seeing a few of the movies it was aping to loving it all over again after I watched basically every other movie it was aping (PS: see Night Moves w/Gene Hackman this movie owes a lot to it).

It’s less of a neo-noir and more of like what if Lethal Weapon was about PIs in the 1977 which doesn’t really detract from how fun it is. The plot barely hangs together and not every gag lands, but Gosling sells this so well it hardly matters. Sometimes the score is weird and wrong and sometimes Earth Wind and Fire is playing at a porn party in the hills. 

Either way, I’ll never stop being sad that the end perfectly sets up a sequel (or even a series) but no one went to see this so there goes that.

Anyway, Shane Black Make A Current Day Marlowe Movie Challenge.

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