Skyfall ★★★

James Bond is too old for this shit and I fear that I am, too.

I guess we have Nolan to thank for every franchise movie from 2005-2014 pivoting towards a darker, more real version of every character, but we have to apportion equal blame to the movie fans who think that the only way art can be adult is if it contains joyless self flagellation(for an example joyful self-flagellation please reference Tim Burton's Batman Returns).

I'm being harder on this movie than it deserves, but only because this movie carries itself like it warrants the scrutiny? (no idea if that sentence makes sense) It's par for the course for a James Bond movie to go from moment to moment without making a ton of sense, but if the tone of the film is going to be moody and contemplative, guess what? I'm going to give the plot a sullen think.

I like the new Q.

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