Alpha ★★★½

Outstanding visuals give this old fashioned story a modern twist. It took me back to films and stories from my childhood like The Incredible Journey, Hatchet and White Fang.

Not to mention I have two dogs, so this was right up my alley.

The film juggles adult images woven into a children's narrative, and while this bogs down the middle ever so slightly by nature of towing this line maybe a little too carefully, the stellar opening sequence and strong thematic core manage to keep pace with the films larger than life presence. And with decent performances and a truly genuine spirit, the only real issue I could see is If you were cynical of the storyline itself. It is, after all, as unapologetic about its sentimentality as it is the brutality.

Which is where it is fair to say, when it comes to dogs and the animals we share this earth with, I can't really get more sentimental.

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