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  • The Americanization of Emily

    The Americanization of Emily


    "Network" has a better script, but Chayefsky never swung his balls quite like he did with this: An anti-war fable about D-Day (!) in the year of the Gulf of Tonkin.

    Garner plays against type as a square-jawed coward trying to avoid action. Andrews didn't really have a "type" yet - this was her second movie - but she's already mastered the smart/cute/accidentally in love character she'd inhabit for much of her career, until it reached an apex with "Aquaman."…

  • Tropical Cop Tales

    Tropical Cop Tales


    The most I've ever enjoyed Hosking, which still ain't a lot. The humor-through-repulsiveness trick works better in 15-minute segments, and the TV format lets him play with catch phrases (all of them stupid) and cable decency standards. Still, if the Hosking canon was blasted into space with no trace left on earth, I think we'd be okay.

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