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This review may contain spoilers.

What I didn’t appreciate until the very end was how Peele had taken some aspects of life that are not scary — the beat in “I Got 5 on It,” the existence of abandoned underground tunnels — and charged them with the power of nightmares. You won’t hear of an abandoned catacomb again without thinking of the Tethered.

The social commentary hits just as hard. A week before I saw “Us,” I finally saw “The Blind Side” on a plane. The story in that pick-me-up, of course, was that love and nurturing can save anyone from hell. The story here applies nightmare logic to that — the plot is set in motion because Red is given new life above ground (constantly afraid that she will lose it) and Adeleide, thrown down among the tethered, goes insane with the realization of what she lost.

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