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  • Hatchet



    It's tough to make a movie that rips someones head apart at the jaw, yet is as playful and fun as a box of kittens. This movie was a breath of fresh air when it was released , and it remains so today.

    Adam Green lets the arterial spray gush like a fire hose in this "old school horror" romp that has just as much heart as it does spinal cords and intestines. And Part 1 isn't even the best…

  • The Eyes of My Mother

    The Eyes of My Mother


    If I simply described the plot of Eyes of My Mother, it would sound like a standard Psycho-type slasher. It's not. If I tried to convey the mood and tone of Eyes of My Mother it might come across as a dull and pretentious arthouse offering. It isn't.

    It's a movie that's bleak and cold, yet right from the opening scenes you're compelled to keep watching. Why aren't these characters reacting the way they should? Are our assumptions wrong about…

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  • Death Note

    Death Note


    I wasn't bored, but I wasn't particularly interested, either. There's plenty of action to keep your interest, but it's all so silly and uninspired. These Netflix originals have become todays equivalent of The ABC Movie of The Week (i.e. lame movies we watch simply because they're what's on). I really hope this isn't where the future of movies is headed.

  • The Other One: The Long, Strange Trip of Bob Weir

    The Other One: The Long, Strange Trip of Bob Weir


    I've only got one bumper sticker on my car - "Caution: Driver May Be Experiencing an Awesome China>Rider". I get waves, honks, smiles, and thumbs-up almost on a daily basis from strangers who acknowledge the sticker and want to share their love of The Grateful Dead. It's a bond that's hard to explain to anyone who doesn't get it or hasn't been a part of it for the last 40+ years.

    The Other One: The Long, Strange Trip of Bob…