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  • Parasite



    'Parasite' is phenomenal. It is the type of film that inspires others to create, and doesn't relent in that pursuit. Every frame, every line of dialogue feels expertly crafted. I cannot stress how well done this is. In a year with releases from Martin Scorsese, Robert Eggers, and Quinton Tarantino 'Parasite' stands above them all. I cannot think of another film that has made me question my existence like this has. Also this film is funny as hell. I don't…

  • The Irishman

    The Irishman


    Wow. I might need to adjust the ratings of other films I've watched this year already because I cannot look at them and then look at 'The Irishman' and say they are equal in 5/5 (turns out 'Parasite' is also a 5/5 film). I live around 2 hours south of Portland, OR and I had to drive there to be able to see this gorgeous film on the big screen. I drove there sat in awe for three and a…

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