Eternals ★★

Went in with some expectations given the Chloe Zhao directing credit, but honestly I should have really just skipped this one all together. The creative-bankrupt studio is at it again, with more archetypes and shallow narrative threads being the prominent precursor of Eternals' doomed fate. Not even Zhao's keen eye for natural backdrops can serve the film's convoluted & otherworldly storytelling mush, when Feige's goons are consistently berating the colour correction and computer generated effects; hence creating an illusion of layered artifice. Even with a Cinesphere ticket, the IMAX experience is shockingly lackluster, as there was only one scene truly converted and shot in the IMAX ratio; providing little narrative subtext in the rationale behind the select few aspect ratio alterations.

At least an attempt was made. The attempt in question was no where near successful, but at least there was some form of a creative risk given the underdeveloped greek tragedy parallels; even with some of the more egregious developments on screen in mind. Here's praying that Zhao doesn't get sinked into the Disney-capital machine and continues working on her own independent projects from now-on. I genuinely can't see myself sitting through a Marvel film this long again, especially from a director this talented.

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