Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★½

Below, are a couple brief thoughts on my experience and opinions on Solo: A Star Wars Story
When the film began, some guy took a photo of the Lucas Film Logo on full flash, and some other dude in the auditorium literally yelled out loud "Turn the flash off you fucking moron"
There was at least 25 kids under the age of 10 that heard that comment
Kira: This is Lando
Me: This is America
There was a scene where a droid died (not going to say which droid cause spoilers) and the dude who had a giant ass pitcher of beer sitting beside me said "I Don't Feel So Good", which nearly made me laugh out loud
How can Bradford Young shoot so many dynamic scenes involving squid tentacle aliens?!!! Like Jesus Christ. First in Arrival, now this. Now I'm worried that both the Star Wars Franchise and Denis Villeneuve may give young kids weird tentacle fetishes!
Overall, Solo is a lot of fucking fun. Some moments felt contrived, and you can definitely tell this was a film in which a different director needed to take over for some scenes. But in general, Solo A Star Wars Story was an absolute blast!
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