A Girl Missing ★★½

A middle-aged woman living in suburban Japan and eager to make new friends, Risa (Tsutsui Mariko), has one of those faces that makes people feel like they’ve met her before; like they’ve already learned everything there is to know about this perfect stranger before they’ve even said “hello.” It’s enough to unnerve Risa’s handsome new hairstylist (Ikematsu Sosuke), who swears that he recognizes her even as he works on changing the way she looks. Fukada Kōji’s fractured and distant new film — another of the “Harmonium” director’s pensive, slow-boiling revenge sagas about broken people who feel betrayed by their own kindness — will almost be over before the hairstylist is able to place his sexually forward new client. But it doesn’t take long for us to figure out that there’s more to Risa than meets the eye; more to her than she can even stand.