Cold Pursuit ★★★½

“Cold Pursuit” might have all the trappings of those junky late-era Liam Neeson movies where the aging Irish actor murders a small army of people like some kind of AARP-eligible Rambo, but Hans Petter Moland’s mordantly hilarious comic thriller doesn’t wait long to defile expectations. The fact that it opens with an Oscar Wilde quote should be enough to confuse anyone who’s bracing for another tedious riff on “Taken.” The quote reads: “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go,” and while that may seem like a pretentious little preamble for a film that features Neeson shooting a bridal shop clerk in the face with a sawed-off sniper rifle, it turns out to be the perfect table-setting for a fiendishly entertaining, pitch-black revenge story about a decent man who develops a violent knack for being the worst the worst part of anyone’s day.