Elvis & Nixon ★½

Early on the morning of December 21st, 1970, Elvis Presley rolled up to the front gate of the White House with a letter for President Richard Nixon. The King of Rock n'Roll wanted a meeting with the leader of the free world — more specifically, he wanted to be sworn in as an undercover narcotics agent. Presley delivered the handwritten note to a befuddled guard, who passed it up the ladder until it reached H.R. Haldeman, the infamously flinty Chief of Staff. By sunset that evening, Elvis was standing in the Oval Office, posing for a snapshot with a smiling President Nixon. Of all the images in American history, that (now easily Google-able) photograph became the most requested picture in the National Archives. It sounds like an interesting story, but Liza Johnson's asinine "Elvis & Nixon" will shock you with how little you care.