Escobar: Paradise Lost ★★½

When you’ve got Benicio Del Toro playing Pablo Escobar, the rest is just icing on the cake. In the annals of perfect biopic casting, this coup is up there with Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln and Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela. Del Toro’s roly-poly take on the ruthless Colombian kingpin, who controlled 80 percent of the world’s cocaine supply at the height of his power during the late ’80s, is sinister and seductive in equal measure.

It’s a good thing Del Toro casts such a long shadow, then, because despite what the title might have you believe, Escobar: Paradise Lost reduces the eponymous Colombian drug lord to a supporting character. Andrea Di Stefano’s directorial debut recalls The Last King of Scotland in how it indirectly engages with a brutal tyrant through the eyes of a foreign white tourist who gets in way too deep.

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