Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them ★★

they're not fantastic beasts, Brent.

there are all sorts of issues with this movie, which pales in comparison to even the first two Harry Potter films, but rather than grouse about the clumsy knotting of the various plot threads or how Newt Scamander is a nothing character or how the fantastic beasts are all like the dullest of Digimons (except for the kleptomaniac platypus), i just want to whine about the devastatingly poor use of CG. we've become so concerned about how this stuff looks that we tend not to think about the value of what it *does,* and its application here is gruesome. this old timey new york city is a sterile, hollow hellhole of copied-and-pasted buildings... every scene feels empty, even when the streets are crowded with life. and is the villain a generic floating CG cloud? *of course* the villain is a generic floating CG cloud. there is no sense of tactile physical reality to this movie... Hogwarts felt like a real place, this feels like a half-sketched memory. and that feeling is hardly contained to the visuals.

make aurors great again.