Finding Dory ★★★½

It’s official: Pixar is corrupting our children. Thanks to “Finding Dory,” a new generation of impressionable kids — many of whom were too young to be properly indoctrinated by the mediocrity of “Cars 2” and “Monsters University” — will grow up thinking that sequels can be good, natural things that shouldn’t be protested against on principle (it’s “Adam and Eve,” not “Adam and Adam 2: Genisys”!). These innocent souls are too sheltered to appreciate how much of an anomaly this is in a year that’s already punished audiences with blockbuster cash-ins like “London Has Fallen” and “Alice Through the Looking Glass.” But now, thanks to the monsters behind Pixar’s latest and best sequel in years, the leaders of tomorrow across the world will come of age with the delusional belief that sequels aren’t de facto cash-ins, but rather films that are capable of retroactively adding new dimensions to beloved originals.