Ingrid Goes West ★★½

“No one is as happy as they seem on Instagram, as depressed as they seem on Twitter, or as insufferable as they seem on Facebook.”

If you’re reading this review, odds are you’ve probably stumbled across that cute axiom (or one of its interchangeable variations) at some point or another in the years since the world submitted itself to the emotional slaughterhouse that is social media. And if you’ve ever had an Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account of your own, odds are you know just how true that truism tends to be. And yet, for some reason, it still needs to be said. Everybody curates their own image on the internet, but we’re all so good at it that nobody remembers.

As Vonnegut once wrote: “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be.” That guy died three years before Instagram was even invented, but he had more to say about it than Matt Spicer does in his banal but enjoyably brash debut feature, “Ingrid Goes West.”