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This review may contain spoilers.

i think it can be said with some degree of certainty that this film contains the single greatest sword slice in cinematic history (you know the one... with the hanging body... i giggled like Harry Knowles, and then i moved to a monastery in order to repent for 7 years, and now i'm back with a vengeance).

it's a shame how the grindhouse product churned through '60s and '70s Japan displayed a far greater degree of thought / concern for artistry than many of the AAA studio titles made in the US (and Japan, for that matter) today. have snap-zooms ever felt so violent? for how many weeks was Quentin Tarantino catatonic after first seeing this thing? if you cut Meiko Kaji, does she bleed soupy orange blood? i suspect that anyone who knows the answer to that question is now in deepest hell.