Maze Runner: The Death Cure ★★½

Welcome (back) to the Scorch!

Picking up where 2015’s “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials” left off — and bringing the best and most kinetic of the post-apocalyptic YA sagas to an exhausting finish — “The Death Cure” reintroduces us to a fallen world where a killer virus has decimated most of the population. In the trilogy’s first installment, a handful of twentysomethings with flawless skin escaped from a deadly labyrinth and opened the secret door at the end only to discover (dun dun dunn!!!) Patricia Clarkson! The sequel found our photogenic heroes learning that they are immune to the pathogen that continues to shred our species, and had been used as glorified lab rats by the shady government agency hoping to repurpose their bodily fluids into some kind of cure.

That shady government agent’s name: WCKD (short for World in Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department, and pronounced “wicked”). Because no matter how adult this series may pretend to be, it’s ultimately still young at heart.