mid90s ★★★

Jonah Hill WOULD.

i feel like if i saw this blind and without any credits, there's a decent chance i still could have guessed it was a Jonah Hill joint.

this thing is barely a movie, Lucas Hedges' character is badly mishandled, and the flimsy narrative has a very fraught relationship with the notion of basic conflict (it avoids it like the plague, then piles it on all at once in a panic to bring the "story" to a head and resolve it), but the kids are great, and i believed the bond that keeps them together.

still, it's funny how both this and (the superior) SKATE KITCHEN are so afraid of plot, and yet seemingly powerless to keep one at bay. also, neither movie features Lady Gaga singing "Shallow" at the top of her longs, so they can both burn in hell for all i care.