Now You See Me 2

Legendary magician David Copperfield (who, incidentally, is a producer on “Now You See Me 2”) used to end his shows by literally flying off the stage — he would put his hands on his hips, puff his chest like Superman and lift up into the rafters. This incredible exit left such an impression because it got to the heart of what magic is all about: A great trick doesn’t work by blindsiding the audience with an act of God. On the contrary, it works by defining the distance between the perceived and the impossible. David Copperfield may have been able to seduce supermodel Claudia Schiffer on his way to amassing a fortune that borders on the billions, but the man can’t fly. And yet, that’s what made his finale so grand. It was a spectacular illusion because audiences knew it wasn’t real — as Michael Caine says in “The Prestige”: “You want to be fooled.”