Okja ★★★★

like ET on crack. a *wild* (and wildly uneven) satire that's less concerned with sustainability than it is about corporate hegemony and the conflicting agendas that result from that… when people say it's a lot like THE HOST, they're not just talking about the creature, but also the attitudes she inspires.

for the first 45 minutes, i was convinced I was watching Bong's best film. it's so rich, so soulful, and the first act is capped off with a chase sequence that equals anything Spielberg has ever done. it's everything you want from a trip *to* the movies. i love how every character in his films, no matter how small, is afforded a full personality and at least one moment in the spotlight.

but the fact that the 2nd half of the film doesn't have a spectacle of that size (or anything close to it) results in a strange lopsidedness and a bit of a drag... the movie features more memorable characters than most entire summer movie seasons (Tilda & Dano both glorious, Gyllenhaal… i haven't decided yet, but he sure as shit goes for it), but it leaves too many of them hanging. at least the very end gets it right.

in summation: Bong for president.