Planes: Fire & Rescue ★½

Once upon a time, the most common praise for Pixar movies was that they were aimed at children, but made for adults. In that light, it can hardly be seen as a coincidence that the brand’s reputation took an irreparable nosedive after 2006’s Cars. The ill-conceived but astonishingly profitable tale of a world populated by sentient automobiles raised so many questions about the logistical implications of a vehicle-based society that the movie was not only the first Pixar title exclusively targeted at kids, but also the first to explicitly reject anyone old enough to ask the most basic questions about sex, class, and the environment. That’s not to say that an explicit montage of a Jaguar mounting a Ferrari would have helped clarify things, only that a dimwitted tow-truck with teeth requires a little explanation. There’s a fine line between suspending disbelief and expelling it forever, and the pet project of Pixar CCO John Lasseter swerved all over it.

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