Frankensteined together from the stiff corpses of a dozen smarter movies, “Replicas” is a cloning thriller so carelessly stupid that it often feels like a mad science experiment gone wrong. In fact, the film is such an awkward chimera of stolen ideas that the premise alone violates the basic laws of screenwriting, and probably also those of nature itself.

William Foster (Keanu Reeves, in a lifeless performance that’s silently praying for VOD) is the top neuroscientist at Puerto Rico’s Bionyne research facility, where he’s inventing a way to download a human brain into a synthetic robot body. That’s a difficult task, and it’s made a whole lot harder by William’s impatient boss (the ever-reliable John Ortiz), who gets all kinds of huffy when he learns that his star employee may not achieve the greatest technological achievement in all of history — and effectively kill God — in time for the company’s next earnings report.