Split ★★½

M. Night is back, baby!

literally, i mean. he has a new movie coming out. it's called SPLIT. the poster is probably directly above the text you're reading at the moment (look a bit to the left, perhaps?).

good to see Shyamalan returning to a certain formal rigor, evident from the rich grammar of the opening sequence and present throughout. the plot is tediously unfolded (and don't hold your breath for all of its appropriately fragmented flashbacks and expository to side plots to ever pull their weight), but McAvoy and Anya Taylor-Joy both have a ton of fun with it.

discussion about the movie will inevitably be dominated by its ending and all that the very last scene implies, but the real story here should be IT FOLLOWS cinematographer Mike Gioulakis, who rewards Shyamalan for his carefulness and mines every inch of drama from the film's limited locations.

also really glad that one of James McAvoy's personalities wasn't Sully, from the movie SULLY (and from the Earth). that may not seem like much, but in 2017 it's the little things that are going to keep us from going over the edge.