Vacation ½

A rare reboot so foul and humorless it makes you question whatever attachment you might have to the original, this lazy retread of Harold Ramis’s 1983 Vacation sours everything that’s made that film such an undying fixture of basic cable. Splitting the difference between a sequel and a remake, this Vacation introduces the next generation of the hapless Griswold family by regurgitating the plot beats of the franchise’s first adventure. Rusty (Helms, toxic), recognizing that his clan is in a rut, decides to do the same thing his dad Clark (Chase, awake) did when he was in this situation: cram his wife (Applegate, way too good for this) and kids into a car for a cross-country road trip to California theme park Walley World. These charmless characters are meant to learn that spending time with each other isn’t so bad, yet surviving 100 minutes with them is one of the great cinematic endurance tests of our time.