Inception ★★★★★

every so often i watch this with my brother and he spends the entire time asking stupid questions. here is a selection of the ones i recorded:
"whose dream are they going into/whose dream is this?" x5
"why is that bridge moving?"
"why is going into limbo bad?"
"what are totems?"
"why didn't [cillian murphy] get kicked?"
"[while eames was forging] how's he doing that? how's he doing that? how's he doing that?"
"wait, so you can change things in other people's imaginations?"
"why are they in limbo now?"
"who's saito? is he the chinese guy?" [he's japanese. i really am sorry about my brother]
"why does he need to open the safe? what's in the safe? i'm so confused. does the safe not exist in real life?"
"*starts singing along with 'time'*"
"why is there any doubt that he's in the real world right now? the totem's obviously going to stop spinning, right?"

i go through so much.

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