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  • The Sacrament

    The Sacrament

    Not Ti West's best but passable for a found footage flick, even if it does "break" the illusion at multiple points.

    Watched on DVD from my collection (Dollar Tree DVD).

  • The Turning

    The Turning

    The epitome of January horror.

    This guy a few seats down from us was giggling at every cliche and jump scare. It annoyed my girlfriend to no end, but I thought it made the viewing experience amusing.

    Finn Wolfhard has officially reached the angsty teen phase of his career.

    The unanimous confusion and aversion to the ending across the auditorium was great.

    Watched at AMC Century City.

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  • Underwater


    Dialogue isn't the best (terrible voice over narration at the beginning and end), and the characters are lacking, but I still had fun with this in a B sci-fi creature feature way. It knows what it is and delivers what it promises.

    Dug the Lovecraftian under the sea monsters, and the movie has some thrills and some cool imagery. The production design was great too.

    I appreciated how it didn't let it up for its brisk 90 minutes. Felt almost…

  • Cube Zero

    Cube Zero

    Should of made another sequel instead of a prequel, and called it "Cube Cubed."

    Watched on Hulu.