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  • It



    So my wife and I watched It only a couple months after our son was born, which means that we essentially forgot everything that we'd seen. There's a phenomenon known to all new parents, and we called it "baby brain" but the gist is that your long term memory kind of shuts down during those early days, sleepless nights, constant-panic-mode existence. I'm fairly certain it's an evolutionary advantage, so we keep procreating, forgetting how torturous the first year really can…

  • Revenge



    The coolest thing about Revenge is that its heroine puts symbolic vaginas in each of the men who assaulted her, and proceeds to penetrate them before finishing them off:

    The first man, who watched her rape at the hands of another, who had a chance to stop it and show some human decency - knives deep in both eyes.

    The second man, who raped her because she was "asking for it" - gets a piece of glass embedded deep in…

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  • Hereditary



    This is probably the fourth or fifth time my wife and I watched Hereditary, and there's always something new to appreciate. This time, I couldn't help focusing on how great and supportive and patient a father we have in Gabriel Byrne.

    He reminds me very much of my own stepfather, who was fifteen years older than my mom and had already raised two kids of his own before taking on the job of raising my sister and me. He'd been…

  • Mandy



    It's now become a yearly tradition: I watch Mandy alone in the dark on or around my birthday. It's really wonderful. I loaded up my Fury Edge, poured a glass of bourbon, turned off the lights and slid on my biggest headphones, then pressed play.

    ~Something approaching bliss for two hours.~

    I recognize that this movie is targeted at a very specific audience: people who love molten, patient heavy metal like Boris and Sun O))) and who also love sensuous…